Let's Play Some Mysterious Games

December 09, 2009

Sorry readers.. followers.. annonymous readers.. I havent update for quite a few days. I'm so busy last week. Updates about that later ok? Lotsa pics actually ;)

Currently : Editing mode for my professional ethics assignment. Suke2! almost finish.. teehee! :D

But, before that.. this is something I found from nuffnang last week. About the sherlock holmes free movie passes right.. I've found the image. Yeah.. I know many bloggers had also discovered it right.. but to those who havent try la! It's not that difficult and u dont have to be a genius to figure the blogs which these images been hidden.

purposely hide the site's url..hehe

But but but.. u guys can ask me the sites url if u want to. I'm not kedekot..haha. Seriously, I have no intention to enter this contest and win the free tickets because if im not mistaken the premiere nite would be on 22nd Dec which by the way the week I'm having my finals. So, less a competitor and u stand a greater chance to win it. So, cepat2.. ask me the link for those sites.. hehe. But, sometimes u need to go there twice because it's hidden sometimes. :)))

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