Expect the Unexpected

December 09, 2009

Well.. when I'm in the mood to blog.. I guess it does show. There would sometimes be more than a post per day.

Now.. let's take a look at this pic ok people..

What can I say? The lady in the pic (not the one named Nadyra Aiza.. that's me), is my class teacher. My STANDARD 4 teacher! Well that was in the year 1998.. so almost 11 years now, huh? Opps.. accidentally make u guys easier to calculate my age.. damn it.. haha

I never expected her to remember me. I wonder how can she even recognize me.. I did not put my full name in facebook, my face obviously changed. Plus, I'm an introvert, shy, quiet student during my childhood days. What I can guess is that, maybe because I played netball for my class and school..and quite a studious student.. (dulu je ok.. da time degree jd da opposite..haha!)

But, thanx ckg.. da la still kenal sy, adik sy pn ckg perasan gak..hehe! Btw, my youngest sis is still in that school.. but we're nothing alike. Believe me! :D

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