Dude! You Are Really Rude!

December 16, 2009

1st, my day is really bad. Woke up early, to make the online registration for subjects next sem, and I'm financially barred. WTH??? I paid the hostel fees and signed the MARA invoice (yup, i'm sponsored by them). Why barred me? Simply because I didn't inform the Finance division I already done all that. Before this, it's not worked that way. It'll auto update everything. What happened to MMU management these days? Getting worse every day! Haih...

2nd, my groupmate (or precisely, according to HIM) suddenly asked whether I'll already include his name in my group. Okay! let me rephrase it. This guy, who I don't know his name, don't know what he looks like, don't even come to my meetings, operation days and also the presentation day! And now, few days before the finals, he begging me to include him in the group. But, this is not in my hand alone to decide. Majority wins and the other group members won't allow him. I informed him bout it. Messages received all sounded with anger and the last text he sent to me was "Fuck off Bitch!"

Well, to get on my nerve u have to do more than those words. Sorry, dealing with org hati kering like me, not gonna changed my decisions. As a senior and a guy, u should be ashamed of yourself. You are 1 really very rude guy I've ever met in my life. Seriously!
But few last words for u dude, GO TO HELL! Okay! da le cool down blk ;)

Want to be cooler..look down some more.. (err.. I mean scroll down more..hehe)


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