Caffeine-addict & junk-food lover

December 12, 2009


Well.. that's me.

I must have at least a cup of coffee in a day.
If not, something is not right.
Very very bad habit y' know.
But, hey! my teeth ain't yellowish..hahaha!
The coffee.. not too dark..
preferably white coffee.. hehe! ( yes, the old town one pls) ;D
I have this habit since I was 12 or 13..
I see my parents drink them all the time.
So i did tried to make myself feel adult..haha
Guess what the habit stuck with me.. till NOW!
Old habits did died hard (probabaly never will) ;p

The junk food??
Any kind will do for me.. Home-made or outside ones..
It's fine.
Kids, it's not healthy u know..
But, it's been a long time since I ate all these..
Only yesterday.. I can't really hold myself..
against my hunger for burger..(it rhymed..haha!)

Yellow thing = pepper. Substitutes for pickles. I hate pickles!
Talk about greedy.. I made that double-cheese-pepper chicken burger :D :D

So now... I had 2 of my drugs..
I should study..

Till then people!

p/s : Should I privatize my blog??????!!!!!

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