At that Moment

December 12, 2009

At this time last weekend..
I woke up early,
I'm excited more than any other days,
Because I was gonna meet him ;)

Last weekend..
I drove back and forth,
Just to see u,
And serious I don't mind at all,
And u too honey,
Quite a long trip kan?
from 9 am untill 5pm..
just to meet me..
thank youuuuuuu ;))))

U're in UTM and i'm in MMU,
The distance sometimes
makes me wonder,
what would it'll be like
if we're in the same university
(cakap cam x penah 1 matrix..hehe),
But as u said,
we're not as other couples,
we're special, we're best..
yes.. we are indeed.. hehe

The shirts, the chocolates,
and all the treats..
tenkiu syg ;)

p/s : btw, new moon and ninja assassin, pls.. the latter is nicer people! Sorry kat org sebelah, baju asyik kene tarik2..hahaha. I'm allergic to bloody movie especially darah yg melampau banyaknye.. hehe

some people (lots actually) said we look alike. are we???? hehe ;)

tq again for eveything syg,
like u said,
last weekened..
definitely our best one!

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