And Now I Say Yes!!

December 24, 2009

Lazy. Relax. Wandering around. Loitering?? the last one not gonna do it ;)

I finished my final exams this morning and right now I'm at home already. I'm on my 3 weeks holidays. So, for this time being I'll enjoy the moment. Because, next sem I predicted I'll be having stresses. Lotsa them! But, now let's talk about holidays!

I've got plenty of plans in my hands right now. So here are they:

1) Hang out with the sisters. Planning to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks 2. Best x korang rase? Btw, I've promised the youngest sis to bring her to that movie. So, basically, I must go. hehe

2) I've got reunion with my MGS schoolmates probably on the 28th. Well, it's confirmed but the date has not been decided yet. So, I'll be waiting. I guess? But I'm thinking that, I don't really wanna go. These girls I knew but not really close to them. How I wish u are here Sabrina Halim! :(
Could I have reunion with my matrix's girlfriends instead??? Hmmm..

3) Family VACATION to Hot Springs Resort. This one I'll be waiting for a long time.. can't wait!

4) Bake blueberry cheesecake. and of course the cupcakes. You guys have read the entry previously about the Pastry Day entry. It's something like that. But I want to do it with my sister for my parent's anniversary.. :)

5) Play the piano. Again. I dont have time when the sem starts, so this is the only time I have to dream on as pianist. haha!

6) Do some arts. Not drawing! I suck at it. But something with beads and buttons. My sisters bought them around RM 80 plus.. So, ade banyak giler. And I'm gonna make full use of them. Hee!

7) Play sports. One of the things I love most. Mostly badminton la kan with my dad. But I want to shoot some balls. So netball please??? hehehe

8) Watch the downloaded movies plus all sort of TV series. Watch until the eyes sore. Yeay!

9) Update blog more often?? heheheeh

10) Food shopping! No no.. I'm not on any diet. So, I'm gonna eat all the food I'm craving and try some new ones. I'll let you guys know what is good then okay? The best partner for this is my chubby cute sister.. since the boyfriend had gone back to his campus.. jgn jeles ek syg..hehe

p/s : Okay. Nk tido. Penat sgt2 dah! nite people :)

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