Teaching Science is Fun..but to A kiddo?? hahaha

November 01, 2009

She's exploring her hand-me-down walkman handphone. She asked me, why when she put the speaker closely in her palm, the sound volume decreases. So, I figure why not I teach her something instead. I try to relate my science knowledge about sound and surface. Like in the video, she's quite stubborn..haih! She said that, she haven't learn in at school yet. Nmpk sgt adik aku pemalas.Xnk studykn..haha

I said to her, soft surfaces would absorb the sound while as for the hard surfaces, it is the opposite. Hard surfaces more likely to reflect the sound. She experimented it on different surfaces. But lastly she try to put that phone on her belly???? hahahahaha!

I'm speechless! I figured she have no idea on my explanation. Instead, she's more excited to play with the phone. And yeah.. she's 11 and she's listening to Good Charlotte song in this video. My parents should be blame for giving her this phone. haha!

p/s : I sounded as if I'm scolding her. OMG! ;)

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