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November 04, 2009

Some things we do, can tell people about ourselves.
Some things that we owned, can make people make assumption about ourselves.
The way we speak, the words we use, always reflects our inner-side of self.
The way we carry ourselves to the whole world portray our own character.
Even the smallest random things we accidentally did make the world throws some
looks; suspicious, icy, warm bla bla bla....
People would make judgement based on the things we owned..
well usually it is that way.

My wardrobe full of clothes does't mean I'm rich or stylist.
My clothes are simple but it doesn't mean I dont have any fashion-cautious mind.
Maybe, it's because I like my own style.
I like my S.I.M.P.L.E way of living.

My pens are well kept in one side.
And so do my files and books.
I may be well-organized person.
I may have the perfectionist symptoms.
But I would never be a perfect human.

I like beds especially the comfy one
with all the fluffy pillows,
I like to sleep,
I may be a little lazy
but it doesn't make me an irresponsible person.

I like cute stuffs,
I like teddy bears,
But doesn't mean I'm childish.

The reason I post this thing is that I hate people being judgmental based on just a glance through. U dont even know that person, what's ur right to judge him/her?

p/s : location - MMU Cyber hostel a.k.a my room..hehe

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