Saturday, November 07, 2009

PhotoScape v3.4; It's Easier

Everyone knows about Photoshop. But to purchase it, u need money. Unless u're a pro and need it for ur work, u'll be likely to download the trial version rather then buy it. Well, I did that once.

But I just downloaded PhotoScape at CNET, another image editor which is likely not gonna make u growl and scowl to learn it ;) and it's free. It's so convenient compare to other free version of image editor like GIMP or Paint.Net

I forgot to mention, it's not only for photo editing. U can make slide show, printing to whatever size or pattern u want. Multipurpose software.

And I edited this pic about 10mins only. Simple!

1st step - You go to CNET and download the software.

2nd step - Start using it. On top u'll see all sort of functions. To edit pics, u click editor

Start page

3rd step - On your left, there are folders of files. Select a pic.

4th step - To add more effects on ur pic, click filter > lists of effects will be shown. U can add more than an effects to ur pic. Just one effect at a time.
e.g : I choose vigneting.

5th step - Click vigneting > a box will appear > checked from an effect to as many effects u want.

Additional step (If u want to add more effects to ur pic)

Filter > Select an effect again
e.g : This time I chose film effect

Click > a box would appear > select effect

make sure u check preview. To see the direct effect.

To add a frame to ur pic.

Click frame > list of frames.

e.g : I chose film strip.

Then, u may resize the pic > select any size u want.
Last - Save. U may find the edited pic in the folder u saved the original pic.

Note: I used other effects too; colourize + antique pic. But the steps are the same. All u may find by clicking filter.

Someone special in my life...

p/s : Click pics for clearer view.



Arief Arf said...

quite a great app there.
but i still prefer photoshop as it provides unlimited range of editing, and has more detail to it.
no need to buy it, just download the cracked version,n ure good to go.
but yeah, photoshop takes some time to adapt..


amal_kiut said...

muke tu gak yang die nak letak hahaha :p

Aiza Aidid said...

arief : yeah..forgot about the cracking thing. but i prefer simple editing plus mls nk blaja sgt photoshop..haha. well for ppl yg mls2 like me, this is more convenient. =)

Aiza Aidid said...

amal : yela.. nk ltk mke sape lg..hahaha

applemintlady said...

so cool..
mn nk cr software ni..
maybe more better thank adobe photoshop yg sgt mmningkan

Aiza Aidid said...

applemintlady: for yg mls2 cm me.. i prefer this one..haha

try search kat CNET. I download kat situ :)