PhotoScape v3.4; It's Easier

November 07, 2009

Everyone knows about Photoshop. But to purchase it, u need money. Unless u're a pro and need it for ur work, u'll be likely to download the trial version rather then buy it. Well, I did that once.

But I just downloaded PhotoScape at CNET, another image editor which is likely not gonna make u growl and scowl to learn it ;) and it's free. It's so convenient compare to other free version of image editor like GIMP or Paint.Net

I forgot to mention, it's not only for photo editing. U can make slide show, printing to whatever size or pattern u want. Multipurpose software.

And I edited this pic about 10mins only. Simple!

1st step - You go to CNET and download the software.

2nd step - Start using it. On top u'll see all sort of functions. To edit pics, u click editor

Start page

3rd step - On your left, there are folders of files. Select a pic.

4th step - To add more effects on ur pic, click filter > lists of effects will be shown. U can add more than an effects to ur pic. Just one effect at a time.
e.g : I choose vigneting.

5th step - Click vigneting > a box will appear > checked from an effect to as many effects u want.

Additional step (If u want to add more effects to ur pic)

Filter > Select an effect again
e.g : This time I chose film effect

Click > a box would appear > select effect

make sure u check preview. To see the direct effect.

To add a frame to ur pic.

Click frame > list of frames.

e.g : I chose film strip.

Then, u may resize the pic > select any size u want.
Last - Save. U may find the edited pic in the folder u saved the original pic.

Note: I used other effects too; colourize + antique pic. But the steps are the same. All u may find by clicking filter.

Someone special in my life...

p/s : Click pics for clearer view.


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