Howling at the New Moon

November 08, 2009

The first time I've read Twilight, I said hell is awesome! I cant stop flipping from one page to the next..cant wait to see (actually cant wait to read the ending part of each books) :D
Then, move on to the second one, New Moon and straight to Eclipse then Breaking Dawn. I've finished the series already and I knew the ending. Don't ask me what happen in the last book. I won't tell ya! haha.
But but but.. I would like to watch the Saga in movies. I don't get the chance to watch Twilight in cinemas last year. So, for New Moon I want to do so. I watched the trailer in July. Man, I can't wait!!

What I really like about Twilight Saga is that the story keeps on each book keep on getting more exciting! I remembered I don't even bother to facebooking/blogging/ etc just to keep on reading those. Well, I called that time "Crushing-Era towards the Cullens"/ more likely towards Edward.. hahaha! I like the way this series distracted me from doing something that wasted my time.

Well, in the movie, Edward the vampire is handsome but Jacob the......... (find out yourself..hehe) is also hot!! hehe. I can't decide which one is more handsome so in this saga, can I choose to like them both? :D
Not just that, I also like how I can daydreamed about being Bella! Hey, a girl can dream okay! hahaha.

But, most of all, I like the saga because is different from normal versions vampires movies which usually full of sucking/drinking mouthful of blood.

12 more days!!!

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