Forgone One a better One will Come

November 20, 2009

I should be on hiatus. Should be studying. Unfortunately, I cant stay away too long from my blog. haha!

I just checked my email. And I found this..

Thanx nuffnang! BUT..

Ala, it's on weekdays la plak. And I'm not sure I can make it. Besides, I cant be driving there alone. So anyone care to join me? Tell me a.s.a.p. ( u must be a girl ok..) Edward Cullen's fans perhaps?

Hey roomate, jom ikot i nk? (gile ckp sorg2).. ;p
Sab, jom tmnkn i nk.. Owh lupe u kat Egypt.. hehe
Amal, jom new moon! Italicowh lupe die ade date..kahkahkah!

See, pathetic sgt.. sume kwn jauh2! haish.. :( (joking!) haha

But most probably I wont confirm it and just give it to other bloggers ( yes.. i baek i taw!..hahaha) forgone this one.. And watch it with YOU. da janji kan..hehe

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