Daily Crappy Post

November 26, 2009

Well, hello readers! It's been a while since I post the daily updatesss.. so here now.. u can read my crappy entry. I'm not a regular to post something like this you know..haha ;P

What I do this week?

Monday I was busy revising the chapters for mid term.. busy but still have time to download movies+facebooking but not blogging.. i don't have a clear mind at that time only tension..hehe.

Tuesday, start with the Public Sector Accounting mid term.. well about about the test.. it ok-ok la kot.. ;p

Wednesday, let's start with I blew off the premiere screening of New Moon at Cineleisure but end up hanging out with roommate and frens at Alamanda since 3pm until 10 pm. But, like they said, it's a girls day out and I did watched a good movie and filled my tummy with good food. Plus the gossip! Fun fun fun. ;p

Tomorrow.. Go to class and then drive straight back home.
Ahah.. lame gler x blk umah. I miss my room.. haha!

Oh.. I miss u You :(

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