Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is What We Called P.A.S.T.R.Y day!

Oh no no no! It's not the project I blogged about on the previous post. This is just some fun activities with the family. Well, everyone blogged about their raya's rite. I have mine as well but my own style.

My mum in the mood for baking. So all sort of things she wants to do. She's rarely cook because busy with work and we dont mind eating out. Really!! hehe. But when she cooked or baked it'll be superb!! But at last only the cupcakes and the pie. :)

Too tired actually to talk.. eh I mean type.. so just scroll down and take a look at the pics ok? ;)

my mum's and I did ;p

Totally by mama la kan..haha

Men in the family busy icing-ing the cakes. haha!

Icing-guy of the day! he's my dad..hihi

Hello cuties! ;)

X cntk. So what.. it's his initial..hehe :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweetest Thing U've Ever Tasted

Disclaimer: pics for promo purpose.

See those food? Mouth-watering right? hehe. It's for my Cyberpreneurship project. So guys, help me to get A ok. Come to my booth and taste them yourself. I guaranteed it is delicious because I'm not compromising on their tastes. :)

My group's flyer is not this one. I'm doing this to promote it in my blog for you readers. If u happen to be at Cyberjaya during that time next week do visit me. Plus, the price is reasonable. Student rate price!

Daily Crappy Post

Well, hello readers! It's been a while since I post the daily updatesss.. so here now.. u can read my crappy entry. I'm not a regular to post something like this you know..haha ;P

What I do this week?

Monday I was busy revising the chapters for mid term.. busy but still have time to download movies+facebooking but not blogging.. i don't have a clear mind at that time only tension..hehe.

Tuesday, start with the Public Sector Accounting mid term.. well about about the test.. it ok-ok la kot.. ;p

Wednesday, let's start with I blew off the premiere screening of New Moon at Cineleisure but end up hanging out with roommate and frens at Alamanda since 3pm until 10 pm. But, like they said, it's a girls day out and I did watched a good movie and filled my tummy with good food. Plus the gossip! Fun fun fun. ;p

Tomorrow.. Go to class and then drive straight back home.
Ahah.. lame gler x blk umah. I miss my room.. haha!

Oh.. I miss u You :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day

To those who had done nothing in their life
To those who's an opportunist
To those who're furious
To those who lost something precious
To those who been taken advantage on
And same goes to those who lost their faith....

It means something to me.
Dont u think?

p/s : It's got nothing to do with 2012 influence. I haven't watch it yet. haha!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Forgone One a better One will Come

I should be on hiatus. Should be studying. Unfortunately, I cant stay away too long from my blog. haha!

I just checked my email. And I found this..

Thanx nuffnang! BUT..

Ala, it's on weekdays la plak. And I'm not sure I can make it. Besides, I cant be driving there alone. So anyone care to join me? Tell me a.s.a.p. ( u must be a girl ok..) Edward Cullen's fans perhaps?

Hey roomate, jom ikot i nk? (gile ckp sorg2).. ;p
Sab, jom tmnkn i nk.. Owh lupe u kat Egypt.. hehe
Amal, jom new moon! Italicowh lupe die ade date..kahkahkah!

See, pathetic sgt.. sume kwn jauh2! haish.. :( (joking!) haha

But most probably I wont confirm it and just give it to other bloggers ( yes.. i baek i taw!..hahaha) forgone this one.. And watch it with YOU. da janji kan..hehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Luck & I'll be on Hiatus

What about the gud luck??
Specially delivered to my only bro
Gud luck for ur SPM handsome boy..
(ko xhensem pon.. saje je ckp..haha)
9A's and there'll be something 4 u..
(xde kakyong nk bg ko PSP go.. byk la sgt dwet ak kn..haha)
But something la kan.. ;p
Jgn wat2 x bace blog ni.. senyap2 bace mcm xtaw plak.. haha!


I am currently busy.
Mid Term next week
And the other week.
Assignmentsssssss... haha!
So readers, bare with me.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Award and the Tag

Thanx Ida 4 the tagged.
Nsb baek kte tgh rjn ptg2 cmni nk wat..haha

First of all, Rules and regulations:
  • Writes 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
  • Job down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.
  • Pick your 10 more deserving recipients and then describe them
  • Leave a comment on the recipients box and tell them that they have been tagged.
  • Paste this award badge in your sidebar.
xnk letak kat side bar la! mls plak..hehe

5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
1) Die classmate sye kat Mmu.
2) She's taken n bf die pon classmate sye..haha
3)Her blog most of it psl fashion and yes.. she's got style
4) Die ade kucing yg comey2.. i wish i'm not catphobic.. ;)
5) Owh.. kat hostel ni pon die 1 level with me but laen2 wing..haha

10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.
1) I don't have lotsa friends but the best friends I've got now is the best
2) I like english novels, classic or modern I like both!
3) I prefer staying at home rather than go out shopping
4) I hate crowded places
5) I like musics.. play instruments. both piano + guitar
6) I can be cynical and got problem with my temper BUT only to those who go beyond my limit
7) I like to make friends but I realized they always come and go. But some do stay until now :)
8) Quiet but talkative to those yg mmg I da lame knl
9) Happily taken by Shah Rizal =))
10) Owh yes.. current obssessions : penuhkan external disk dgn movies and play sports.

Pick your 10 more deserving recipients and then describe them
1) Sya - Sbb ko rumet aku yg best ;p
2) Amal - Xtaw la amal nk wat ktne bnd ni..haha. but bcoz u're there when I need u ;p
3) Syu - One of the best friends I've said above ;)
4) Sab - My very very best friends
5) Keoi - My cousin yg talkative..hahaha! But he's my good listener and advisor
6) I dont want to limit until 10.. so sbb I'm in a generous mood today.. so this award goes to all my followers as well ;)))

p/s : owh.. followers increased. thanx ppl. I know my blog boring! haha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll Do As I Promise

It's not easy for u
And I'm sorry for your lost..
I do understand that
Be strong syg
I know u will
It's breaking my heart to see u sad
It's hard 4 me
It's even harder for u
I know it takes time

I promise to make u feel a little bit better
Just so u know
I'm here 4 u
I'm not going anywhere
Just as I promise I will
U know that kan syg?

-this entry no need for comments-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back in The Game

The things I've let go in the past..
I've got it back now.
The reasons I've let go of it before,
Let it remains within myself only.
I made the wrong decisions few years back,
And I'm not letting myself repeat that again.

5 years ago..
I was a pro player,
Played for school,
Played for district,
The court is mine,
The ball is my best friend,
One simple mistake,
Destroyed it all...

The court is different now,
So are the players,
My team-mates had changed.
Myself changed too,
My skills had worn off,
The ball refused to get in my hand.
But not my passion.
The urge to play again keep bugging me,
The confidence I've lost before,
The guts I buried deeply
now came out of nowhere..
So, get ready..
I'm back in the game
And I do not intend to destroy it this time..
My second chance :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

The first time I've read Twilight, I said hell is awesome! I cant stop flipping from one page to the next..cant wait to see (actually cant wait to read the ending part of each books) :D
Then, move on to the second one, New Moon and straight to Eclipse then Breaking Dawn. I've finished the series already and I knew the ending. Don't ask me what happen in the last book. I won't tell ya! haha.
But but but.. I would like to watch the Saga in movies. I don't get the chance to watch Twilight in cinemas last year. So, for New Moon I want to do so. I watched the trailer in July. Man, I can't wait!!

What I really like about Twilight Saga is that the story keeps on each book keep on getting more exciting! I remembered I don't even bother to facebooking/blogging/ etc just to keep on reading those. Well, I called that time "Crushing-Era towards the Cullens"/ more likely towards Edward.. hahaha! I like the way this series distracted me from doing something that wasted my time.

Well, in the movie, Edward the vampire is handsome but Jacob the......... (find out yourself..hehe) is also hot!! hehe. I can't decide which one is more handsome so in this saga, can I choose to like them both? :D
Not just that, I also like how I can daydreamed about being Bella! Hey, a girl can dream okay! hahaha.

But, most of all, I like the saga because is different from normal versions vampires movies which usually full of sucking/drinking mouthful of blood.

12 more days!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

PhotoScape v3.4; It's Easier

Everyone knows about Photoshop. But to purchase it, u need money. Unless u're a pro and need it for ur work, u'll be likely to download the trial version rather then buy it. Well, I did that once.

But I just downloaded PhotoScape at CNET, another image editor which is likely not gonna make u growl and scowl to learn it ;) and it's free. It's so convenient compare to other free version of image editor like GIMP or Paint.Net

I forgot to mention, it's not only for photo editing. U can make slide show, printing to whatever size or pattern u want. Multipurpose software.

And I edited this pic about 10mins only. Simple!

1st step - You go to CNET and download the software.

2nd step - Start using it. On top u'll see all sort of functions. To edit pics, u click editor

Start page

3rd step - On your left, there are folders of files. Select a pic.

4th step - To add more effects on ur pic, click filter > lists of effects will be shown. U can add more than an effects to ur pic. Just one effect at a time.
e.g : I choose vigneting.

5th step - Click vigneting > a box will appear > checked from an effect to as many effects u want.

Additional step (If u want to add more effects to ur pic)

Filter > Select an effect again
e.g : This time I chose film effect

Click > a box would appear > select effect

make sure u check preview. To see the direct effect.

To add a frame to ur pic.

Click frame > list of frames.

e.g : I chose film strip.

Then, u may resize the pic > select any size u want.
Last - Save. U may find the edited pic in the folder u saved the original pic.

Note: I used other effects too; colourize + antique pic. But the steps are the same. All u may find by clicking filter.

Someone special in my life...

p/s : Click pics for clearer view.


Friday, November 06, 2009

My Circle

" Has someone been putting you under pressure to be perfect lately? Ignore them. Shake loose of their apprising gaze and invite them to focus on someone else for a while -- like their own self. You add sunshine to the lives of most of the people you touch, so why worry about one person who is still stuck in their own personal fog? Let go of the few missteps you have been making -- after all, everyone else who matters already has. Reorganize your social circle and leave unhealthy people outside of it."

My horoscope for today.
I wonder if this things are true.
Sometimes it happens. Well coincidentally maybe.
I just dunno.
I have crappy week.
I 'm looking forward to meet next week.

Amal : Kawan laen, sahabat laen Put!
( thanx mal ) :)

Dad : In life, sometimes this happens. Takes it as ur experience.
(as always, the best advice) :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Random Things.. Random Me

Some things we do, can tell people about ourselves.
Some things that we owned, can make people make assumption about ourselves.
The way we speak, the words we use, always reflects our inner-side of self.
The way we carry ourselves to the whole world portray our own character.
Even the smallest random things we accidentally did make the world throws some
looks; suspicious, icy, warm bla bla bla....
People would make judgement based on the things we owned..
well usually it is that way.

My wardrobe full of clothes does't mean I'm rich or stylist.
My clothes are simple but it doesn't mean I dont have any fashion-cautious mind.
Maybe, it's because I like my own style.
I like my S.I.M.P.L.E way of living.

My pens are well kept in one side.
And so do my files and books.
I may be well-organized person.
I may have the perfectionist symptoms.
But I would never be a perfect human.

I like beds especially the comfy one
with all the fluffy pillows,
I like to sleep,
I may be a little lazy
but it doesn't make me an irresponsible person.

I like cute stuffs,
I like teddy bears,
But doesn't mean I'm childish.

The reason I post this thing is that I hate people being judgmental based on just a glance through. U dont even know that person, what's ur right to judge him/her?

p/s : location - MMU Cyber hostel a.k.a my room..hehe

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Teaching Science is Fun..but to A kiddo?? hahaha

She's exploring her hand-me-down walkman handphone. She asked me, why when she put the speaker closely in her palm, the sound volume decreases. So, I figure why not I teach her something instead. I try to relate my science knowledge about sound and surface. Like in the video, she's quite stubborn..haih! She said that, she haven't learn in at school yet. Nmpk sgt adik aku pemalas.Xnk studykn..haha

I said to her, soft surfaces would absorb the sound while as for the hard surfaces, it is the opposite. Hard surfaces more likely to reflect the sound. She experimented it on different surfaces. But lastly she try to put that phone on her belly???? hahahahaha!

I'm speechless! I figured she have no idea on my explanation. Instead, she's more excited to play with the phone. And yeah.. she's 11 and she's listening to Good Charlotte song in this video. My parents should be blame for giving her this phone. haha!

p/s : I sounded as if I'm scolding her. OMG! ;)