When The Rainbow Ends, Thats When Your Feet Touches The Ground

October 03, 2009

A quick update only. Too busy for the long ones.
So here are some updates.

1) As my last entry stated, I'll be having finals. So this week is that time. *Stressful*
I took 6 subjects and for accounting student it's never easy. My 1st paper was on Monday and today itself ade gak paper.Badan penat and otak pon penat. Sume la kan penat. teehee!

2) So I left with 2 more papers. Corporate Accounting which going to crack my head. And the last one on Thursday is Adv English. After that, bye2 la mmu..haha..

3) October - My fav of the months. I'll be a year "younger" each year. (Younger la sangat kn..hehe). But until today my birthday not yet come. So wait for my post about it if u want to know how old I am actually. U can guess now if u want. Most of people went I go shopping on weekdays will ask me, "X gi skola ek? or Ponteng skola ek?"
Apekah.. skola2 i da lame da tinggal..hahahaha ;D

p/s : My mum just call ask when I want the birthday celebration. What day do you guys think it should be? On the day itself or wait for a few days later? hmmmm..

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