One Glance Doesnt Always Tell You The Real Thing

October 15, 2009

I'm on my semester break. And to leave my blog on "break" too would be not fair. But, until now I do not have any brilliant idea to blog.

But here is something. Looking at my blog title 'EXTRAORDINARY ME", some people would think I maybe overconfident, perasan and bla bla bla. The title itself is a summarize version of my characters.

Now, take a look at the pic below :

1) I like doing things in extreme ways.. not healthy ppl!
2) Talk non-stop BUT to the people I'm close to. Normally
I'm in my 'silent mode'
3) Relax. It's a good thing but when I have datelines, to relax
is not exactly a good thing.
4) I'm not quite a patience person. Got mad easily!
5) Basically, I think I am ordinary but I like
to make something I'm good at it to be outstanding
6) I like something random. Give me the chills! haha
7) One thing is that, I am determined person ;)
8) I'm not saying I'm a genius but the IQ is there but
a little impatient on certain things..hehe!
9) I'll be nervous when I'm guilty or when I lied.
10) I tried to analyse every single thing when some of things
cannot be analyzed.
11) As I am a bit impatient, I like to rush. Bad habit especially
when I'm driving.
12) Yawning = always sleepy = lazy!

ME - Aiza Aidid, myself ;)

p/s : All mixed up and u have my own version of 'extraordinary'. After all, I'm not that perfect right readers? ;)

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