Of Good Food, Air Biru and Tea Petai?

October 19, 2009

Ok, I had my lunch at Boston (not as if in Boston..hihi), a grill + steamboat restaurant @ Aeon Bkt Tinggi. Mane lagi nk gi Klang ni..hehe. I like it there. The food are superb! :)

Take a look...

my lunch.. sizzling chicken something..

my second dish.. I know I ate a lot.. but who cares? haha

This one is something new..at least for me la kan. I usually order the same drinks when I eat. To those people who knew me, they know that I'll order teh ais or ice lemon tea. But today, I want something different.

here it is.. it tastes nothing like pepsi blue ok? hehe :)
Seriously, this drink is totally sedap. :D :D

Then, my mum wanted to buy some vitamins at GNC. Well, this drink caught my eyes..

Focus your eyes on the white circle of orange box

To those who cant see it, the box said herbal tea "petai". I guess everyone knows what petai is right? I admit I eat that ok. A lot but to drink it as tea.. erm.. I dont think so. Well, why dont you guys drink and tell me how is the tea ok? :D

p/s : Happy 47th birthday mum! ;)

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