More Than Just An Ordinary Joke

October 17, 2009

Once upon a time, there is a hats seller. Apart from that, there are a group of monkeys which always disturb him. His shop and these monkeys' territories are nearby.

One day, the seller fallen asleep wearing one of his hats while doing his business. When he woke up, the next thing he realized is that all his other hats had been taken by the monkeys. In fact, they were wearing his hats. He tried so many ways to distract these monkeys yet none was successful. Finally, he removed his hat and put it on the ground. Shockingly, the monkeys followed him and he managed to get all his hats back.

The next 25 years...
Coincidently, the seller's grandson also now a hats seller. Then, one day, what his grandpa had experienced he also now experiencing it. The monkeys take all his hats and ran up the trees. He suddenly remembered his grandpa's story about this. So, he removed the hat he's wearing and waited for the monkeys to put the hats they had taken onto the ground. But this time, they did not do what he's expected them to do.

After that, the leader of the monkeys group came to him and say something. What do you guys think the monkey said?????

THE ANSWER: "u think u're the only one who have a grandpa"?
(The current monkeys had also heard the story about the previous hat seller from their grandpa. Apparently, the grandpa of these monkeys had advice them not to take off the hats if they plan to steal it from people)

The moral of the story, not necessary the things that previous generation did are all correct. Some of the things need to be change according to our environment :)

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