Hello Adulthood.. Goodbye Teens World ;)

October 13, 2009

Hello 21. Can I ask u to be nice to me? Can u teach me to be more mature? Can u make me a strong girl? opss.. scratch that.. a stronger lady ;)

20 years ago - 1989
I was a little girl. A year old. I had the biggest birthday cake. Well, of course I vaguely remember the party. I'm too young.

10 years ago - 1999
I was 11. At that time, I'm entering young teens. Well, I started to have more interest on music.. at that time; Britney, BSB and Westlife are must have musics on my playlists. I'm still a kid though with the skateboard I used to played. Did I mention I'm the boyish type. Hehe! Boys?? Nah.. I'm not interested in them at that time. haha!

10 years later - 2009
Here I am. I'm 21 years old. Officially an adult. I'm a degree student who probably gonna grad in 2011. Insyaallah. I already drive a car, my type of music had changed, skateboard is no more, more towards a lady nowadays. I'm more mature but not totally.. hehe. I have a bf, the perfect family and yeah.. the same best friend for the past 15years. All these I'm not intend to change.

To my family..
tq for the dinner, cupcakes plus the presents

To my best friends..
tq for the treats girlfriend!

To my syg..
tq for everything.. I love u.

To all..
tq for all ur wishes ;)

sedap gler ok!

with my only lil bro!

she's eating ice cream kot

my mum and... my sulking sis..haha!

my dad! ;)

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