Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Getting Annoying!

Every1 is so into Facebook these days. I noticed that. It supposed to be fun connecting with your friends and stuff. But, lately it's getting annoying. I can list down all the things that make me DONT want to login into my FB.

1) Friends suggestions
Okay.. this thing should be helpful if the people been suggested are those I knew such as my ex-school mate. But, there is this person who keep on suggesting the people I dont even know. For what purpose I don't know. Stop it man!

2) Simply adding me up
This is another thing. Don't get me wrong or see me as a snobbish person but seriously, if u add me just to increase your friend lists, please DON'T. I hate to see all these 'silent' friends. U know, adding without saying a word. If u keep on doing that, I'll delete u.

3) All the unnecessary games requests
I play games on my bro's PSP not at FB. For me, it's a place to say hi to ur friends, look at their photos etc. So sorry guys, I'll not respond to ur requests ;p

4) FB interface
I already used FB quite a long time.. but they rarely keep the interface constant. Why? U guys are making the users miserable okay. Haha!

But readers, u can change the interface back to normal. For those who dont realize the step FB given, here it is :

a) The new interface.. all the news feed.. from ur friend being tagged in a photo until the level of game they played all can be seen. It's too much to be viewed. For me la kan.
To change that, first click more. The green colour circle I made in the pic.

click to enlarge

b) It'll look like this. There are lists of items u can select. For instance, I choose status update. Then u just drag the status update to the top.

click to enlarge

c) Then, tadaa.. u should have something like this. Lastly, u click less.

click to enlarge

5) People who requests me to do the quiz they done.
I'll do whatever quiz I want ok. tq ;)

Those are things that kinda make me annoyed with FB. At this moment!

p/s : Sorry to those who I ter'printscreen' their comments and status updates. ;)

Short update : The result is out. I should be grateful ;) Alhamdullilah. This sem would be another opportunity. Such an optimist! hmm.. ;)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Nite @ Home.. not really :)

My semester break is coming to the end. So in 2 days the classes is about to start. Yet, the results for last sem has not been released. takot ok :(

Today nothing's special.. Went out with Sab, my BFF, before she flies back to Egypt, done some shopping. Cut the story short I spend almost 100 plus.. not bad actually because normally I'll be spending more than that..haha!
And configure my 3g setting.. So honey, bile nk 3g? hahahaa!

Random facts:
- Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor was afraid of dark.

- Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel, "Gadsby", which contains over 50000 words WITHOUT the letter E

- A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood.

- Over 2500 left-handed people a year are killed from using products for right-handed ppl

- A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time for 1/100 of a sec

- You are born with 300 bones but when u get older you only have 206 bones!

- Most lipsticks contain fish scales. Euwww! haha

- Human thighs bones are stronger than concrete.

p/s : Some facts really suprise me especially the lipsticks..haha!
p/s/s : Need to pack up my bags. Going back to the university 2mrw. haih! ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Y!

I guess many know how to customize your own 'my Y!' page. But as I'm bored I want to post about it.

This is for those who're using chrome that want to customize their "My Yahoo" page.

1st step: Google chrome browser > Yahoo page > click on My Yahoo.

2nd step : Then Google chrome page > click Tools icon > click option.

3rd step : Google chrome option box would appear > Look at home page > Make sure you click open this page and enter > click close > At your top left there is house icon > click it.

4th step : You'll have something like this

Optional : If u want to change the background, simply click change appearance. You'll have thumbnails of background available.

p/s : Click pics for larger view :)

Try it. It makes your yahoo page less boring :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Of Good Food, Air Biru and Tea Petai?

Ok, I had my lunch at Boston (not as if in Boston..hihi), a grill + steamboat restaurant @ Aeon Bkt Tinggi. Mane lagi nk gi Klang ni..hehe. I like it there. The food are superb! :)

Take a look...

my lunch.. sizzling chicken something..

my second dish.. I know I ate a lot.. but who cares? haha

This one is something least for me la kan. I usually order the same drinks when I eat. To those people who knew me, they know that I'll order teh ais or ice lemon tea. But today, I want something different.

here it is.. it tastes nothing like pepsi blue ok? hehe :)
Seriously, this drink is totally sedap. :D :D

Then, my mum wanted to buy some vitamins at GNC. Well, this drink caught my eyes..

Focus your eyes on the white circle of orange box

To those who cant see it, the box said herbal tea "petai". I guess everyone knows what petai is right? I admit I eat that ok. A lot but to drink it as tea.. erm.. I dont think so. Well, why dont you guys drink and tell me how is the tea ok? :D

p/s : Happy 47th birthday mum! ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Than Just An Ordinary Joke

Once upon a time, there is a hats seller. Apart from that, there are a group of monkeys which always disturb him. His shop and these monkeys' territories are nearby.

One day, the seller fallen asleep wearing one of his hats while doing his business. When he woke up, the next thing he realized is that all his other hats had been taken by the monkeys. In fact, they were wearing his hats. He tried so many ways to distract these monkeys yet none was successful. Finally, he removed his hat and put it on the ground. Shockingly, the monkeys followed him and he managed to get all his hats back.

The next 25 years...
Coincidently, the seller's grandson also now a hats seller. Then, one day, what his grandpa had experienced he also now experiencing it. The monkeys take all his hats and ran up the trees. He suddenly remembered his grandpa's story about this. So, he removed the hat he's wearing and waited for the monkeys to put the hats they had taken onto the ground. But this time, they did not do what he's expected them to do.

After that, the leader of the monkeys group came to him and say something. What do you guys think the monkey said?????

THE ANSWER: "u think u're the only one who have a grandpa"?
(The current monkeys had also heard the story about the previous hat seller from their grandpa. Apparently, the grandpa of these monkeys had advice them not to take off the hats if they plan to steal it from people)

The moral of the story, not necessary the things that previous generation did are all correct. Some of the things need to be change according to our environment :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Glance Doesnt Always Tell You The Real Thing

I'm on my semester break. And to leave my blog on "break" too would be not fair. But, until now I do not have any brilliant idea to blog.

But here is something. Looking at my blog title 'EXTRAORDINARY ME", some people would think I maybe overconfident, perasan and bla bla bla. The title itself is a summarize version of my characters.

Now, take a look at the pic below :

1) I like doing things in extreme ways.. not healthy ppl!
2) Talk non-stop BUT to the people I'm close to. Normally
I'm in my 'silent mode'
3) Relax. It's a good thing but when I have datelines, to relax
is not exactly a good thing.
4) I'm not quite a patience person. Got mad easily!
5) Basically, I think I am ordinary but I like
to make something I'm good at it to be outstanding
6) I like something random. Give me the chills! haha
7) One thing is that, I am determined person ;)
8) I'm not saying I'm a genius but the IQ is there but
a little impatient on certain things..hehe!
9) I'll be nervous when I'm guilty or when I lied.
10) I tried to analyse every single thing when some of things
cannot be analyzed.
11) As I am a bit impatient, I like to rush. Bad habit especially
when I'm driving.
12) Yawning = always sleepy = lazy!

ME - Aiza Aidid, myself ;)

p/s : All mixed up and u have my own version of 'extraordinary'. After all, I'm not that perfect right readers? ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You can Have it in More Easier Way

I want to post this entry since the day I've started using it about 5 months ago. But there is time constraint. I guess everyone knows about Google chrome.It's faster and easier. Seriously. You can just download it for free.

Search engine > Google Chrome > Download!

Then you would have the default chrome layout.

If you want to change the layout you can:

Go to tool icon on top right of your chrome browser>
Click > Option > Personal Stuff > Themes > Get Themes

If u've done with that, u'll have something like this

The next time you want to change the theme, you can just click the flipping side at your bottom right of chrome browser. Then, you'll have thumbnails of other themes. Happy Trying! :)

Hello Adulthood.. Goodbye Teens World ;)

Hello 21. Can I ask u to be nice to me? Can u teach me to be more mature? Can u make me a strong girl? opss.. scratch that.. a stronger lady ;)

20 years ago - 1989
I was a little girl. A year old. I had the biggest birthday cake. Well, of course I vaguely remember the party. I'm too young.

10 years ago - 1999
I was 11. At that time, I'm entering young teens. Well, I started to have more interest on music.. at that time; Britney, BSB and Westlife are must have musics on my playlists. I'm still a kid though with the skateboard I used to played. Did I mention I'm the boyish type. Hehe! Boys?? Nah.. I'm not interested in them at that time. haha!

10 years later - 2009
Here I am. I'm 21 years old. Officially an adult. I'm a degree student who probably gonna grad in 2011. Insyaallah. I already drive a car, my type of music had changed, skateboard is no more, more towards a lady nowadays. I'm more mature but not totally.. hehe. I have a bf, the perfect family and yeah.. the same best friend for the past 15years. All these I'm not intend to change.

To my family..
tq for the dinner, cupcakes plus the presents

To my best friends..
tq for the treats girlfriend!

To my syg..
tq for everything.. I love u.

To all..
tq for all ur wishes ;)

sedap gler ok!

with my only lil bro!

she's eating ice cream kot

my mum and... my sulking sis..haha!

my dad! ;)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Come Lets Eat Me!! If U Can.. ;)

I've got these from a friend. She forwarded it. Credit to Nisa. You make me feel less likely to eat cake for this few days. Haha!
Just take a closer look.

WARNING : Dont look while you're eating :)

Yg ni sume adalah cake. So, anyone wants one of this as their birthday cake? Sorry, not for me. I'll vomit before I blow the candles. Haha!

p/s : I have no problem eating pic 4 & 5 though. It's less disgusting. But preferably not to.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I dont know what to say anymore

haha! damn stupid.. lol!
and dat's not even a girl.. haha

Saturday, October 03, 2009

When The Rainbow Ends, Thats When Your Feet Touches The Ground

A quick update only. Too busy for the long ones.
So here are some updates.

1) As my last entry stated, I'll be having finals. So this week is that time. *Stressful*
I took 6 subjects and for accounting student it's never easy. My 1st paper was on Monday and today itself ade gak paper.Badan penat and otak pon penat. Sume la kan penat. teehee!

2) So I left with 2 more papers. Corporate Accounting which going to crack my head. And the last one on Thursday is Adv English. After that, bye2 la mmu..haha..

3) October - My fav of the months. I'll be a year "younger" each year. (Younger la sangat kn..hehe). But until today my birthday not yet come. So wait for my post about it if u want to know how old I am actually. U can guess now if u want. Most of people went I go shopping on weekdays will ask me, "X gi skola ek? or Ponteng skola ek?"
Apekah.. skola2 i da lame da tinggal..hahahaha ;D

p/s : My mum just call ask when I want the birthday celebration. What day do you guys think it should be? On the day itself or wait for a few days later? hmmmm..