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September 05, 2009

"Speak in English doesn't make you less Malay and more org puteh" - My lecturer

I totally agree with him. But somehow, people, I mean "our" people still don't get the idea. Some might think speaking in other language besides their mother tongue is somewhat a crime. Some are too scared about what other people would say. Why even bother about what others think especially the unnecessary criticisms.

For me, it's just an advantage if u can speak more than language. It'll be even more worth it if you can speak other language fluently. I'm not saying my english is perfect but somehow I think it is so much better than some of my friends. I'm not underestimating them but somehow I regret that they don't take the opportunnities to learn the language while the opportunities are still open up for them.

It is not because I'm from Klang which is of course an urban area, that helps me master my english skills. It is not because I'm from Methodist school which majority of people would assume we speak english through out the schooling time. What makes me quite good in the language is I read a lot of english novels since I was 9. No particular reasons. I just love it. My grandpa is the one who influence me into this thing. I love him :)

Back to our topic. I'm not saying you should forget the national language once u know how to speak in other language. There are some reasons that become the barriers in learning other languange especially english. You are scared of making mistakes when u speak. You scared that people would talk about your grammatical errors. You're not confidence enough in yourself. Your social environment is another issue.

But there is also another perspective that I might take a look on what my lecturer said. The last part of his sentence; and doesnt make you extra orang puteh.

This is crucial. There are also these group of people which knows a little bit about english, speak a few words of that language. They usually embarassed to speak in their mother tongue. Afraid people call them orang kampung if them dont speak english. What kind of attitude is that? If that's your purpose of speaking in english then you better dont. Or, you'll end up to be another mat salleh-wannabes, which at the moment is too many.

Frankly, I do speak english often enough. But still, there would be also times I speak in my mother tongue. I speak using that language every day. See, I haven't forgotten my own language even I do speak english. It is not the language that should be blame. It's the people. The attitude. The mentality. Think about it readers.

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