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September 16, 2009

The continuation of the title is... u only have 24 hours to live? what are some of last things u wanna do?

Here is my list.. a few wishes of mine. Every hour I wanna do something rare yet I enjoy most. And each activity would be complimented by 1 food/drinks. Any food would do it but must be the food/drinks I like. Assuming dah taubat la kan :)

So here is the list of what I wanna do :

1st - Drive somewhere alone. No where to be specific. Just wanna have moment with myself. And for this one, I choose the iced mocha latte.

2nd - Talk to some random people. Tell them about my life. Except the dying part. End of this thing, I want chocolate & vanilla cupcakes

3rd - I want to climb a cliff if that's possible. Even it is not so high. I want to snap a pic of myself there. I want to eat smarties. Lame x makan bnd alah 2..hehe

4th - Listen to every fav song of mine since my childhood time until this moment. ONLY fav. At this moment, I would like some shepherd pie and ice lemon tea pls.

5th - I want to perform in front of audiences. I mean to play guitar or my piano. I want to feel like musician because that's my childhood dream ;) After that, I want to chill by eating my mum's homemade puding roti!!

6th - Relax and compile my pics with my loved ones. 2 scrapbooks; 1 for my family and 1 for him. All the happy and funny pics only. I want them to remember their happy moments with me. Finish that, I want chocolate cheese cake.

7th - I want to watch snippets of my fav movies. Dont have so much time right to watch one full movie. After that, I want lasagna chicken with extra cheese. Orange juice will complete it

8th - Go swimming. After that, I want to eat ketam cili made by my mum of course ;)

9th - Take a walk on the beach eating popcorn? teehee..

10th - Lying on the grass looking at the sky with him. Tell him I love him no matter what. I want to eat donuts with him. Big Apple chocolate donuts. taw hney ske kn ;)

11th - Still with him.. only now eating ice cream ;)

12th - Some time to be spend with the family. I just want ice lemon tea again ;D

It's just something I've thought last nite. It's just simply some random thoughts and nothing serious. I dont want to leave my loved ones with sad memories. Let them think only the happy thoughts when it comes to me. That way I am relief.

p/s : This is for forseen death. But normally we cant predict our own death time. Ignore some of the facebook quiz on your death time. That's just something... hahahaha! So this post is also a crap. Hehe

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