Week 13.. what's up with the no 13?

September 14, 2009

What I do today? I woke up and went to class at 8am. The class finished around 11 and I went straight to my room. Fall asleep until 3 pm..hahaha! Yeah.. I know I'm bored you readers with my routine. If u dont like my post dont read this ok. I just feel like blogging something but I dont have any particular topics. ;D

I ate marcaroni cheese grilled chicken for the break fast. I felt like eating western dish. Lately, I ate a lot. But, for myself even I eat a lot of food, by this means all the unhealthy ones, I still not going to gain a lot of weight. Lucky lucky me right.hehehe

So, right now, I'm craving for :

1) Cheese chocolate cake
2) Big apple donuts
4) Big mocha iced latte
5) My mum's cooking ^_^
6) Big Mac
7) Cupcakes.. yg cantik 2 ok..hehe

It's already week 13. Next week it's raya week and also study week for MMU-ians. Good luck people for ur finals!!

Yeah.. what about the no 13? For me, it's just a number. BUT for some people according to their customs and cultures it resembles a bad things. Some associates it with Friday the 13th. Not only for culture purpose, because some of corporate building would not have the 13th floor. After 12th floor the elevator would ascending up to 14th floor. The same goes to any hotels which situated in the country that believe in this. For them, no 13 is a curse. I dont know for sure.

For me, as I'm a muslim, believing in this such thing is wrong. But, just for my own knowledge I'll read it. Just for my leisure time.

Another update :

Tiap2 tahun nk raye mesti time 2 gak nk final exam. Dah bape tahun dah cmni since SPM..hehe. Dah la sem ni amek 6 subjek.. tensennye.. :(

Nk wat camne kan, xpela.. student's life, that's how it is :) Ayat nk sedapkn ati..hahaha!
Gotta go people.. lots of things to get done. X saba nk blk umah this Friday morning.

p/s : Need to start my studying ikot plan. Tapi besenye my plan would only stays on the paper. hehe

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