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September 12, 2009

Are you having fun watching this? This actually based on the short story Who Moved My Cheese that is used for my Advanced Management English class. I've read the book but it's still fun watching this. I think it help others who are lazy to read the book. lol!!

My cheese :

1) My family and him
2) My studies
3) My dream job
4) The cash
5) My friends
6) My gadjets
7) My car
* And the list goes on......

I think I would be like HAW. At first maybe I would not be comfortable with changes but I'll adapt to it.

Based on my experiences, I had quite a number of unpleasant changes. For example, I changed course from engineering to accounting. At first, I am not confident that I can do the new course as I had no basic it that area whatsoever before this. But, more quicker I adapt I can enjoy myself with accounting. That is my new cheese now ;)

One thing I learnt from this, we can be in a comfort zone for too long. It make us snobby, overconfident, relunctant to learn more, can't accept criticism etc. So, I always remind myself what I had these days may not be around in the future. As long as I have it, I should appreciate it more and use it to mprove myself. I am more mature and wise. That what makes me today ;)

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