Sunday, September 06, 2009


I've bought these cute shoes. For me, it's cute. hehe

This pair I bought from M.O.D for rm35. I like it because the shoes lace is ribbon. Like ballet-shoes. hahaha! Well, he said it's cute.. ;)
Yup, I dont buy expensive shoes. For me, the trends change and in no time the trend would change again. So what's the point of buying expensive shoes. Except for the quality I guess. This I'm going to wear when I wear my jeans and shirt of course.

caption : I'm gonna wear this with the baju kurung. The orange thing is my laptop. Ignore it..hehe!
And it's cost rm45. See, told ya! I do not fancy expensive shoes. As long as it is nice then I'm on for it!

I'm not a shopaholic because:
  1. I'm still a student.
  2. I have money to spend on other important stuff.. like food maybe. As I'm a big fan of food, I always chose food over clothes. lol!
  3. I buy cute shirts with low prices. I dont give a damn thing about brands. As long as that shirt is nice for me to wear it and dont have stupid offensive words on it, I'll buy it.
  4. I'm not a fashion-cautious person. Dont get me wrong. I like fashion. I like to be updated with the current trends. But, I'm not the type of person who willing to pay all my pennies to be in-trend.
  5. I dont want to end up like that girl from Confessions of A Shopaholic movie ;)
  6. I love shopping but not an addict to it.
  7. I shop with a necessary consideration. In other words, bila perlu sahaja ;)
  8. An advantage for me, I hate make ups. The most I would buy is a lip balm and a lip gloss. haha!
  9. I've got my own budget. If I exceed the amount i'll be dead as i would be begging my parents for more money. And I hate doing that. Seriously!
  10. That's enough reason for me to not be a shopaholic. ;D

caption : Ignore the "shopaholics" word. It's for editing purpose only. haha!


Sabrina Halim said...

u definitely know how 2 cntrol ur budget. don wory darl~. hehe

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. mne u taw sab?? ;p

Sabrina Halim said...

ala put. dari sek pun u da mcm tu. x jenis mmbazir though u have d money kan. hihi

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. ye kot ;)
i bli ble smtg is worth for my money..hehe

Farra Muneera said...

nice shoes Aiza.
but YOu'll buy BOOKS over foods! ahha ;)

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. x kot.. priority still the food.. haha!! ;D