Raya.. Raye.. Rayeeee :)

September 19, 2009

caption : @ my grandpa's home ;)

That's me by the way. Mcm budak kecik. Ye sy taw. But what do I care. It's raya mood..haha!
Mase maen ni tgh ujan pon ok. Boring pon mse ni.. So I just figured out why not I play some of the bunga api. My youngest sister bought it by the way.. She bought quite too many.. ish ish ish ;p

Well, I want to wish all.. by this goes to :

First - My own family; sorry if my stubbornness gives u hard time
Second - My beloved honey; sorry sbb suke sgt merajuk..muah
Third - My BFF sab; sorry if something I had said might hurt your feelings.. luv u gf ;p
Fourth - My frens.. school frens, matrix frens, MMU frens, my readers; followers & anonymous plus others who know me.. Tq for your support, dropping by, and comments for this blog people!!


Any wrong doings of mine, I ask for your forgiveness.
Any bad attitudes may you all forget.
I'm not perfect. No one is.
Wish you all a happy happy raye for this year.
To all who're going back to their hometown.. have a safe journey ;)

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