Life is Simple.

September 11, 2009

Life is simple. Is it? For me, it is. The thing that makes it complicated is us actually. The people who keep on complaining.

What is the usual thing that make my/your life quite complicated??

- Not enough time
-Not enough sleep
-Not enough food??? hahaha
- Studying last minute
- Financial?? maybe
- Peer pressure

These are some of the things I do to simplify those 'complicated' thing :

1) About not enough time; this is especially for students like myself. Assignments sometimes really get out of our hand rite?? Normally, I have my own calendar which I stated there what day I want to finish my work. This is simple enough for me. I even feel happy as I slash all the list of jobs done ;) Then, I can have all the time to do whatever I want!! ^_^

2) Well, set the alarm one hour before bed time. It reminds me that I have to go to sleep in about an hour later. Then, I'll have my beauty sleep. The morning alarm?? that's for sure. hehe

3) Study last minute; to make it simple, I select two subjects to study each day. But this one depends on your attitude also. For me, study last minute is a risk that I should avoid. But there are some who are really smart. Well, I'm not that genius.. so I dont want to take that risk.

4) Peer pressure ; I usually dont give a damn thing about it. I dont have to follow anyone to be in accepted in a group. That's so high school. Please. Just be yourself. That's simple enough.

I ate mi goreng at Arif for sahur. My stomach is full that's why I cant sleep.

p/s: Now, time to go to bed. The alarm had made some sound. ;)

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