Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'll Try My Best

to all who're taking International Accounting paper,
and also who takes Accounting Info System 2,
not forgotten the Business Law paper,
Plus, people who're gonna seat for Marketing,
And yeah, the toughest of all, Corporate Accounting 1 paper,
Lastly, Advanced Management English paper.

I wish myself best of luck,
To my parents I'll try my best.
To all my classmates all the best to u
Good luck MMU-ians for your final this semester!! ;)

4 comments : said...

good luck! nanged u! nang me!

Aiza Aidid said...

thanx!! =)))
nanged u back ;)

Hanida Lavida said...

MA2 :'((

Aiza Aidid said...

MA 2?? da amek last sem..hihi
xde pape la.. ok je kot nnt ida ;)