Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid 09

Time flies so fast!! Jap je da nk msk raye ke3.. Nak raye lg.. hehe :)
Tahun ni x balik kg. Tapi ok je sbb my mum's side pny kg mmg kat klang.. Personally I prefer to celebrate the Eid in Klang..haha!

But this year celebration is a bit dull. Maybe it's because of the final exam tension kot. Tapi I'm still grateful sbb still got the chance to celebrate Hari Raye with my loved ones. And yup, some question that been asked to me by some of the makcik2 such as bile nk kawen?? Ahahaha.. serious aku rase nk gelak..hehe. Lambat lg la jwbnye..haha! ;D

So here are some of the pics.. the rest I've uploaded @ FB and will be upload more later.

caption : family's forgiveness ;)

caption : my mama

caption : we're not supposed to be here.. teehee!!

caption : with the youngest sis

caption : hensem x korg rase?? haha

caption : fav atok!! ;D

caption : Us.. We.. Kami.. kteorg :)

caption : favvy auntie gk :)

Saye!! hehe


mizzsyaidris said...

putri!nk duit rya!hahaha

ha bile nk kawen?

eh2 meh la raye kt temerloh..ekeke

Aiza Aidid said...

dwet raye??? ko nk bpe mek? hihi

ni lg sorg tny ble ak nk kwen.. ko tu ble tah?? hahaha

temerloh jauh la mek.. raye kt umh SK ko je la..hehehe