Early Morning

September 10, 2009

Sometimes you woke up feeling fresh. Or maybe sometimes u just dont have the feeling to sleep. Or even simply because you feel anxious for no particular reason. Well, that's how I felt when I woke up this morning. And I slept aroung 230 a.m last night. I woke up around 630 am. Normally after Subuh prayer I would go crawling back under my comforter. hehe.. It's not a good thing ok! ;)

Somehow that's not what happened today. I just feel excited about nothing. Maybe it's pre-exam symptom. I felt butterflies in my stomach too. Nervous?? About what? I dont think so. I think I already had too much sleep for this semester. haha! I should do this often. Give myself chance to study more for my finals.

But I love the morning. The sun is not too hot. I want a cup of coffee too.. yeah I'm a caffeine-addict but I'm fasting so scratch that. Well, that would make my day =))

Yesterday I break fast with my roomate and our friends at Black Canyon Alamanda. Well, the food is good. I ate seafood noodles. It is a lot and I didnt finished all of it. Now, I wonder why I'm feeling hungry.

I gotta people. I've got tutorial at 9am and still I'm blogging?? Somebody please just cut down the Internet connection. hahaha!! kidding ;p

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