Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Youngest One

Today is the 18th. Today is her birhtday. My little kid sister birthday. She's not that little anymore though. She turned 11 today. I'm gonna call her tonight to wish and ask her to wait for this weekend for her present. Haha!

She started to concern about her weight, talked with me how she plan to go on diet and so on. I dont know how to put this. To you adik, tak kisah la orang nk ckp kite x cantik, chubby and sume2 yg x elok. Jadi confident with yourself. Sume org ade kelebihan masing2. You are pretty in your own ways ok. I know she wont read this but maybe one day she found my blog and older she read this.

She starts to has the interest to buy bags, clothes bla bla bla. Can't blame her. She's got older sister yg suke shopping. So most of the time when I go shopping she'll tag along. That's how I influence her. Haha. She likes my clothes, my shoes. She wants hair like mine. She wants to be an accountant (I want to be an auditor ok..hehe) like me later on. But like my mum said.. I'm her idol.. wakaka. Joking ok ;)

She annoys me sometimes. She is naughty too. But she's also my laughing partner. My watching-cartoons partner. I like Fairly Odd Parents shows. haha! She's my junk-food eating partner. But most of all she's my sister. And I love u ok!

So, happy 11th birthday. Da jadi makin besa. So study elok2! Jgn bagi mama pening with your result. Even you're 11 now, you're still my lil sis. After all, you are the youngest one. And pls adik, jangan malas sgt. hehe ;)


Sabrina Halim said...

hahaha. dia nk diet da ke put? wah!!! da besar da dia. dia concern psl sume tu. so u bg ap kt dia?

Aiza Aidid said...

huhu.. bese la kn klu t'pk psl nk diet.. nnt i bwk je die gi kdi
suh die plh..haha

platipus said...

eh kite pon suke tengok fairly oddparents ape hahaha
ape la susah
bagi je la baju
put kate die suke baju cam put kan
takde la masalah kot :p

Aiza Aidid said...

ahahahaha.. da try la mal bli bju cm kte.. tp kdg2 xde size kn die.. 2 la pki bj cm dlm gmbo 2 kn die..hehe..

fairly odd parents bes kn amal.. ble la nk stop tgk krton kte ni kn.. hahaha