Tomorrow =))

August 21, 2009

Esok puasa :) So, happy fasting to all muslims. I'll be at home tomorrow and will got the chance break the fast with my family. But on Sunday, as always I'll be going back to campus *sigh*
And this year, I dont think I has the chance to come back as often as always. On Friday I have class until 6.30 p.m. And during Ramadhan of course I will be breaking the fast in the car as it'll take an hour plus or even 2 hours to reach Klang at that kind of time. So maybe next week, I'll be back to my home. But after that, I'll come back maybe 3 days before raye. And yup, my study week is on Raya week. What a great news!! *sigh again*

p/s : Sabar2.. cakap da nk puasa sok..hee!

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