Some Are Totally....???

August 08, 2009

Sorry to my readers. I rarely blogging these days. Seriously I dont know what to write anymore. Haha! But I've just remember that I read an article somewhere that make me somehow upset. The typical topic; It said that there has been a research made that proved the standard of private universities is lower than the publics. Wtf??

By the way, since I was a little kid, there are these type of busybody aunties that would sit in a group comparing each others kids; which one perform better, which boarding school they goes to etc. Luckily my mum is not that type. What a relief. *grin*

I went to normal school (sekolah harian) and my result is okay. More okay in fact compared to those aunties' kids. I'm not trying to brag about my accomplishment but somehow these type of people really annoyed me. Now, the same thing happened to my brother. He's gonna sit for his SPM this year. All these kepoh aunties try to match his performance in school with their kids whom goes to boarding schools. My brother may not be a straight A's student but he still has his intelligence. He may not be in pure science classes but he is really good in Add Math and Math. That's for sure.

And yeah.. like one of my blogger mates said, hebat sangat ke wat electrical engineering? (this is just an example, not to a specific person). Some even asked me, accounting da ramai sangat yang amek kn? or even like this, Account is too easy of course you dpt above 3.5 everytime. Excuse me, but you try it first before say anything. It's a profesional course like engineering, law, medic.
The toughness level of the course is a match for any profesional course. Bodoh sangat ke semua buddk yang kat ipts? Hebat sangat ke semua budak kat public uni?
One more thing, is not something you should be proud of if you sit in engineering faculty or even studying at the world class university if you as a student just range in the 2 pointer level. What is there to be proud of right?

Stop being such a narrow-minded person. Stop being such a stereotype.

p/s : Sorry for inappropriate languange I used.

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