So Many Things to Tell Even It's Only the Four of Us

August 02, 2009

Date : 26th July 2009
Venue : Mid Valley

I had a reunion with the girls last weekend. Those girls I've known since my matrix time. They are my ex practicum mates (a.k.a my classmates, for those who unfamiliar with the term).

Ok.. yang ni Syu. She's a year younger than me. She is a law student in UKM. As u see her, all smiley.. that's her all the time. Die ade sorang kwn rapat tp x dpt join ari 2.. so Tuyah, next time ek ( if she's reading this la kn..hehe)

And yeah.. what else?? She's single and available people! hehe

Maen2 je Syu.. jgn marah kte ok.. hahaha

Left : Lily
Right : Ebot

Lily.. final year student of actuarial science kat UKM gak. Well.. she's funny plus ckp laju.. and sbb da bese ngn die mse matrix so it's no a problem for me to understand what is she saying.. hehe!

Ebot.. she's ID student kat UITM S.Alam. Byk ckp and byk gosip of coz.. haha. Ko bace ni mst ko mrh aku kn..hehe ;p

Below are some of the pics.. the rest I've uploaded kat facebook

Some people say people change. Yes, I agree. People do change. I've changed.. like Lily say
"Aku bangga la Put (that's the name they call me), ko da makin ayu". Banyak la ek ko Lil.. haha. I know what she means. The way I dressed maybe a lil bit different compared when I was in matrix. Of course.. that's definitely changed.

But the changes I'm talking about is the characters of people. There are some which forget their friends.. Some changed as they are being in the culture shock thing. I said some.. not all. But these people, they are the same friends I've known for the past 3 years. I still feel comfortable talking to them.. lawak bodoh if some people would call.. that's what I do with them.

Like Syu said, "Matrix friends are the best and more nicer than university's friends".
I cant deny it. She's 100% right. I still cannot find these kinda of friends at mmu. No offence to my friends at mmu but with these friends I feel relieve, I can talk whatever I want with them and laugh till my stomach hurts. Seriously, thanks girls.. you made one of my best days ;)

p/s : to the other girls yg x datang, Amal, Tuyah, Seha and others.. next time kteorg wat lagi ok.
Nk gk gosip ngn korang cm kte slalu wat dlu..hahaha! The guys, I dont know.. nnt la kteorg watkn 1 prac pny reunion kn.. haha!

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