Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Update

Serious busy this week. More assignments to be submit. Some I've finished it. Some not yet; in progress. fuh~

I've been changing the background here and then. This is the one that caught my eyes. At this moment. ;) I may change it later and maybe not. Let's stick to 1 choice ok. hee! And this week I'm not going back to my home. I'm all alone at hostel mmu without my roomate of course. We planned not to go back this weekend but she got to help her dad so it's ok. By the way I am lazy and tired to drive. Baru pas cuti mid kan xpayah la blk umh kan.

More about the killer flu, more deaths this week. The highest number would be at Johor. I recalled my cousin studying in utm told me that there had been positive cases. But the U ignored the fact and don't give holidays yet. I dont know the truthness of my cousin's stories. But I'm worried ok. He (my honey) is studying there. ish!!

Lastly, my youngest sis would turn 11 next week. What present should I get a girl at that age? When I was 11, I've got myself skateboard from my dad, money from my mum, aunty,grandpa and from my siblings they give me some decorations to be put on my table. Tapi x ingat da la ape kan..hehe. So readers, any idea what to give to my sister???? Help me!! ;p


Sabrina Halim said...

adik ska hannah montana kan? bg dia hannah's goodies

Aiza Aidid said...

erm.. she asked me to buy beg pe tah.. da la nk mntk kat shah gk die ckp..haha!

Sabrina Halim said...

hahaha. then okla bg dia beg

Aiza Aidid said...

well.. dat depends on my budget ;D

Farra Muneera said...

she's 11 eyh? simple novel ke?

she's a bit lazy kan? awak bagi dia something yang boleh encourage her. ;)

*cakap je orang.kite pon perlukan satu. hihihih ;D

Aiza Aidid said...

yup.. 11 on this 18th.. huhu

hahaha.. as if die nk dgr ckp kte..hehe. die mntk kte ipod ok.. haha.. cm la kte nk bg.. hee