Morning Sensation

August 05, 2009

Morning sensation. The rain. The weather.
The comfy bed. The fluffy pillows.
The smell of mocha. Plus the addiction.

It's been raining since after Subuh prayer. Then, like always after that I headed back slowly to my comfy bed with all the fluffy pillows. Fall asleep and around 7, I woke up again. Too cold and I dont even want to move out from my comforter to switch off the air cond. It's raining and the ac is on. No wonder it is so damn cold.

Then, sleep until almost 12 noon. I admit I'm not a morning person. But the latest I would normally wake up is around 10. That's the maximum time limit. But today, the weather is too cozy, I sleep soundly as if it's night already. Fluffy eyes!! *sigh*

Already managed to take the hot shower, I want to eat. Of course, because I dont even bother to wake up in the morning and take the house keys from my brother, now I been left with no keys. That means I cant go out. Then I started to blame the weather that make me unable to wake up. Haha! Lame excuse ;)

Finally my bro came back. I drove to KFC. Then came back to the house. Just my luck the key stucked in one of the air cond hole in my car.

That key I'm holding in the pic been stucked in that hole. I tried most of what I think possible ways to pulled that damn thing out from that tiny hole. Being only a little bit creative I managed to pull it out. I used magnet, wire and chewing gum. Before that, I cursed. A lot seriously. No need to share the words I've said. Hehe!

p/s : But I still love the weather!!

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