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August 30, 2009

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I'm bored. Now, just waiting for my mum to finish cooking prawn butter and ayah to get done with ikan keli bakar.. yummy!!! hehe. This weekend, it's full house at my home. I'm back from MMU and my sister is also back from UKM for this weekend. best!! ;)

What I plan to do this weekend?

1) Shopping for raya ; jeans, shoes, baju kurung, tops, shirts, tudung.. and the total is..... ?? ayah, gimme some money.. haha (he already gave the money since the day I was back at home.. tinggal nk shopping je) (^_^)

2) Need to wash my car.. almost sebulan da kot x bsh. Tapi kan, npe kete tu still nmpk bersih ek.. *alasan xnk basuh kete* hihi

3) Studyyyyyyyyyyyy for Corporate Accounting Mid nex week. (how can I be so cool about it.. it's the toughest paper for my course yet I'm feeling fearless.. konon2nye la)

So, tomorrow nk gi shopping.. Yeay!!

p/s : the smell of the food is driving me crazy people!! (Klh org pose ok! Actually I'm in the "holiday" mode) ;p

P/s/s : I've bought myself this pair of cute shoes. The pic? later la..hehe

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