Thursday, August 27, 2009

Almost there..

Last week, I thought fasting in Cyber would be soooo boring. To make it worse, if I want to buy food in the bazar then I'll have to go to Putrajaya. But lucky me, I have a car and a friend, Era, to accompany me to the bazar =)) But, today's already Thursday, so by tomorrow I'm off to Klang.. yeay!!

Week 10 now.. so 4 more weeks to go.. for final. Not ready at all. My mid term marks are ok but that doesn't mean I'll perform the same for final. I always have this thought.. during final anything could happen and it scares me.

Another thing, yesterday I break fast at my friend's house at SK. She cooked ok. haha! Assume that you're reading this.. Na, x sedap la.. hahaha! Maen2 je.. serious sedap yg udang 2.. xtaw nape sume rase pedas.. Aiza sorg je x rase pds..hehe. THANX 4 SUME2 TU!!

And she's got this cute chubby Persian cat. Its name is Lat and die comey gler..hehe. And for the first time, I berani pegang kucing. I takot kucen ok.. haha! For catphobia (is there such a term??) like me, stroking the cat's head is one big successful thing..hehe. And the cat like my black gladiator shoes. He kept sniffing it..hehe. Ohhh.. I've been admired by a cat!! Ignore me, saye x betol sbb tdo lmbt wat assignment smlm ;)

source :flickr
That's NOT the real Lat. Saje nk letak pic kucen..hehe

p/s : Rugi x snap pic Lat. Na, nk curi 1 pic die blh?? haha!


Sabrina Halim said...

big achievement ni put pgng kucing. haha. ur wearing gladiator? OMG!

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. kucg 2 cmey gler.. ;D
yup.. npe? x caye plak..haha

mizzsyaidris said...

slmat berpoce put!

tingat zaman2 muda kita time tumpang jiji nk pi bazar kt putrjya..kehkehkeh

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. time mde2?? apekah.. da tue ke ko mek.. br thn lps tmpg jiji..hehe

slmt berpuase ;D

hanida said...

tolong delete blog lama saya
sila add blog baru saya.
terima kasih :)