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August 27, 2009

Last week, I thought fasting in Cyber would be soooo boring. To make it worse, if I want to buy food in the bazar then I'll have to go to Putrajaya. But lucky me, I have a car and a friend, Era, to accompany me to the bazar =)) But, today's already Thursday, so by tomorrow I'm off to Klang.. yeay!!

Week 10 now.. so 4 more weeks to go.. for final. Not ready at all. My mid term marks are ok but that doesn't mean I'll perform the same for final. I always have this thought.. during final anything could happen and it scares me.

Another thing, yesterday I break fast at my friend's house at SK. She cooked ok. haha! Assume that you're reading this.. Na, x sedap la.. hahaha! Maen2 je.. serious sedap yg udang 2.. xtaw nape sume rase pedas.. Aiza sorg je x rase pds..hehe. THANX 4 SUME2 TU!!

And she's got this cute chubby Persian cat. Its name is Lat and die comey gler..hehe. And for the first time, I berani pegang kucing. I takot kucen ok.. haha! For catphobia (is there such a term??) like me, stroking the cat's head is one big successful thing..hehe. And the cat like my black gladiator shoes. He kept sniffing it..hehe. Ohhh.. I've been admired by a cat!! Ignore me, saye x betol sbb tdo lmbt wat assignment smlm ;)

source :flickr
That's NOT the real Lat. Saje nk letak pic kucen..hehe

p/s : Rugi x snap pic Lat. Na, nk curi 1 pic die blh?? haha!

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