Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joke of The Day

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I'm bored. Now, just waiting for my mum to finish cooking prawn butter and ayah to get done with ikan keli bakar.. yummy!!! hehe. This weekend, it's full house at my home. I'm back from MMU and my sister is also back from UKM for this weekend. best!! ;)

What I plan to do this weekend?

1) Shopping for raya ; jeans, shoes, baju kurung, tops, shirts, tudung.. and the total is..... ?? ayah, gimme some money.. haha (he already gave the money since the day I was back at home.. tinggal nk shopping je) (^_^)

2) Need to wash my car.. almost sebulan da kot x bsh. Tapi kan, npe kete tu still nmpk bersih ek.. *alasan xnk basuh kete* hihi

3) Studyyyyyyyyyyyy for Corporate Accounting Mid nex week. (how can I be so cool about it.. it's the toughest paper for my course yet I'm feeling fearless.. konon2nye la)

So, tomorrow nk gi shopping.. Yeay!!

p/s : the smell of the food is driving me crazy people!! (Klh org pose ok! Actually I'm in the "holiday" mode) ;p

P/s/s : I've bought myself this pair of cute shoes. The pic? later la..hehe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Almost there..

Last week, I thought fasting in Cyber would be soooo boring. To make it worse, if I want to buy food in the bazar then I'll have to go to Putrajaya. But lucky me, I have a car and a friend, Era, to accompany me to the bazar =)) But, today's already Thursday, so by tomorrow I'm off to Klang.. yeay!!

Week 10 now.. so 4 more weeks to go.. for final. Not ready at all. My mid term marks are ok but that doesn't mean I'll perform the same for final. I always have this thought.. during final anything could happen and it scares me.

Another thing, yesterday I break fast at my friend's house at SK. She cooked ok. haha! Assume that you're reading this.. Na, x sedap la.. hahaha! Maen2 je.. serious sedap yg udang 2.. xtaw nape sume rase pedas.. Aiza sorg je x rase pds..hehe. THANX 4 SUME2 TU!!

And she's got this cute chubby Persian cat. Its name is Lat and die comey gler..hehe. And for the first time, I berani pegang kucing. I takot kucen ok.. haha! For catphobia (is there such a term??) like me, stroking the cat's head is one big successful thing..hehe. And the cat like my black gladiator shoes. He kept sniffing it..hehe. Ohhh.. I've been admired by a cat!! Ignore me, saye x betol sbb tdo lmbt wat assignment smlm ;)

source :flickr
That's NOT the real Lat. Saje nk letak pic kucen..hehe

p/s : Rugi x snap pic Lat. Na, nk curi 1 pic die blh?? haha!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tomorrow =))

Esok puasa :) So, happy fasting to all muslims. I'll be at home tomorrow and will got the chance break the fast with my family. But on Sunday, as always I'll be going back to campus *sigh*
And this year, I dont think I has the chance to come back as often as always. On Friday I have class until 6.30 p.m. And during Ramadhan of course I will be breaking the fast in the car as it'll take an hour plus or even 2 hours to reach Klang at that kind of time. So maybe next week, I'll be back to my home. But after that, I'll come back maybe 3 days before raye. And yup, my study week is on Raya week. What a great news!! *sigh again*

p/s : Sabar2.. cakap da nk puasa sok..hee!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saje-saje.. Saya Bosan..haha!

The Real True Colours : I've got green..

Intellectual Achievements

Personal Achievement
Meeting Challenges


& Facts

Nonsense Rules

At work you are conceptual and an independent thinker. For you work is play. You are drawn to constant challenge in career, and like to develop models, explore ideas, or build systems to satisfy your need to deal wth the innovative. Once you have perfected an idea you prefer to move on leaving the project to be maintained and supported by others

In love you prefer to let your head rule tour heart. You dislike repetition, so it is difficult for you to continuously express your feelings. You beleive that once feelings are stated, they are obvious to a partner. You are uneasy when your emotions control you. You want to establish a relationship, leave it to maintain itself, and turn your energies back to your career.

In childhood you appeared to be older than your years and focused on your greatest interests, achiveing in subjects that were mentally stimulating. You were impatient with drill and routine, questioned authority, and found it necessary to respect teachers before you could learn from them.

Here Comes Goodbye

" Sometimes life just seems like chapters of goodbye "

It reminds me about what matters most in life..
Lead me to view life in different dimensions.
Watch it.. keep the message in your mind.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Youngest One

Today is the 18th. Today is her birhtday. My little kid sister birthday. She's not that little anymore though. She turned 11 today. I'm gonna call her tonight to wish and ask her to wait for this weekend for her present. Haha!

She started to concern about her weight, talked with me how she plan to go on diet and so on. I dont know how to put this. To you adik, tak kisah la orang nk ckp kite x cantik, chubby and sume2 yg x elok. Jadi confident with yourself. Sume org ade kelebihan masing2. You are pretty in your own ways ok. I know she wont read this but maybe one day she found my blog and older she read this.

She starts to has the interest to buy bags, clothes bla bla bla. Can't blame her. She's got older sister yg suke shopping. So most of the time when I go shopping she'll tag along. That's how I influence her. Haha. She likes my clothes, my shoes. She wants hair like mine. She wants to be an accountant (I want to be an auditor ok..hehe) like me later on. But like my mum said.. I'm her idol.. wakaka. Joking ok ;)

She annoys me sometimes. She is naughty too. But she's also my laughing partner. My watching-cartoons partner. I like Fairly Odd Parents shows. haha! She's my junk-food eating partner. But most of all she's my sister. And I love u ok!

So, happy 11th birthday. Da jadi makin besa. So study elok2! Jgn bagi mama pening with your result. Even you're 11 now, you're still my lil sis. After all, you are the youngest one. And pls adik, jangan malas sgt. hehe ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Update

Serious busy this week. More assignments to be submit. Some I've finished it. Some not yet; in progress. fuh~

I've been changing the background here and then. This is the one that caught my eyes. At this moment. ;) I may change it later and maybe not. Let's stick to 1 choice ok. hee! And this week I'm not going back to my home. I'm all alone at hostel mmu without my roomate of course. We planned not to go back this weekend but she got to help her dad so it's ok. By the way I am lazy and tired to drive. Baru pas cuti mid kan xpayah la blk umh kan.

More about the killer flu, more deaths this week. The highest number would be at Johor. I recalled my cousin studying in utm told me that there had been positive cases. But the U ignored the fact and don't give holidays yet. I dont know the truthness of my cousin's stories. But I'm worried ok. He (my honey) is studying there. ish!!

Lastly, my youngest sis would turn 11 next week. What present should I get a girl at that age? When I was 11, I've got myself skateboard from my dad, money from my mum, aunty,grandpa and from my siblings they give me some decorations to be put on my table. Tapi x ingat da la ape kan..hehe. So readers, any idea what to give to my sister???? Help me!! ;p

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Love Happens

Yes. It happens.
Kinda interesting. Isnt it? The movie I mean.
Definitely a chick flick.

Some Are Totally....???

Sorry to my readers. I rarely blogging these days. Seriously I dont know what to write anymore. Haha! But I've just remember that I read an article somewhere that make me somehow upset. The typical topic; It said that there has been a research made that proved the standard of private universities is lower than the publics. Wtf??

By the way, since I was a little kid, there are these type of busybody aunties that would sit in a group comparing each others kids; which one perform better, which boarding school they goes to etc. Luckily my mum is not that type. What a relief. *grin*

I went to normal school (sekolah harian) and my result is okay. More okay in fact compared to those aunties' kids. I'm not trying to brag about my accomplishment but somehow these type of people really annoyed me. Now, the same thing happened to my brother. He's gonna sit for his SPM this year. All these kepoh aunties try to match his performance in school with their kids whom goes to boarding schools. My brother may not be a straight A's student but he still has his intelligence. He may not be in pure science classes but he is really good in Add Math and Math. That's for sure.

And yeah.. like one of my blogger mates said, hebat sangat ke wat electrical engineering? (this is just an example, not to a specific person). Some even asked me, accounting da ramai sangat yang amek kn? or even like this, Account is too easy of course you dpt above 3.5 everytime. Excuse me, but you try it first before say anything. It's a profesional course like engineering, law, medic.
The toughness level of the course is a match for any profesional course. Bodoh sangat ke semua buddk yang kat ipts? Hebat sangat ke semua budak kat public uni?
One more thing, is not something you should be proud of if you sit in engineering faculty or even studying at the world class university if you as a student just range in the 2 pointer level. What is there to be proud of right?

Stop being such a narrow-minded person. Stop being such a stereotype.

p/s : Sorry for inappropriate languange I used.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Morning Sensation

Morning sensation. The rain. The weather.
The comfy bed. The fluffy pillows.
The smell of mocha. Plus the addiction.

It's been raining since after Subuh prayer. Then, like always after that I headed back slowly to my comfy bed with all the fluffy pillows. Fall asleep and around 7, I woke up again. Too cold and I dont even want to move out from my comforter to switch off the air cond. It's raining and the ac is on. No wonder it is so damn cold.

Then, sleep until almost 12 noon. I admit I'm not a morning person. But the latest I would normally wake up is around 10. That's the maximum time limit. But today, the weather is too cozy, I sleep soundly as if it's night already. Fluffy eyes!! *sigh*

Already managed to take the hot shower, I want to eat. Of course, because I dont even bother to wake up in the morning and take the house keys from my brother, now I been left with no keys. That means I cant go out. Then I started to blame the weather that make me unable to wake up. Haha! Lame excuse ;)

Finally my bro came back. I drove to KFC. Then came back to the house. Just my luck the key stucked in one of the air cond hole in my car.

That key I'm holding in the pic been stucked in that hole. I tried most of what I think possible ways to pulled that damn thing out from that tiny hole. Being only a little bit creative I managed to pull it out. I used magnet, wire and chewing gum. Before that, I cursed. A lot seriously. No need to share the words I've said. Hehe!

p/s : But I still love the weather!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

So Many Things to Tell Even It's Only the Four of Us

Date : 26th July 2009
Venue : Mid Valley

I had a reunion with the girls last weekend. Those girls I've known since my matrix time. They are my ex practicum mates (a.k.a my classmates, for those who unfamiliar with the term).

Ok.. yang ni Syu. She's a year younger than me. She is a law student in UKM. As u see her, all smiley.. that's her all the time. Die ade sorang kwn rapat tp x dpt join ari 2.. so Tuyah, next time ek ( if she's reading this la kn..hehe)

And yeah.. what else?? She's single and available people! hehe

Maen2 je Syu.. jgn marah kte ok.. hahaha

Left : Lily
Right : Ebot

Lily.. final year student of actuarial science kat UKM gak. Well.. she's funny plus ckp laju.. and sbb da bese ngn die mse matrix so it's no a problem for me to understand what is she saying.. hehe!

Ebot.. she's ID student kat UITM S.Alam. Byk ckp and byk gosip of coz.. haha. Ko bace ni mst ko mrh aku kn..hehe ;p

Below are some of the pics.. the rest I've uploaded kat facebook

Some people say people change. Yes, I agree. People do change. I've changed.. like Lily say
"Aku bangga la Put (that's the name they call me), ko da makin ayu". Banyak la ek ko Lil.. haha. I know what she means. The way I dressed maybe a lil bit different compared when I was in matrix. Of course.. that's definitely changed.

But the changes I'm talking about is the characters of people. There are some which forget their friends.. Some changed as they are being in the culture shock thing. I said some.. not all. But these people, they are the same friends I've known for the past 3 years. I still feel comfortable talking to them.. lawak bodoh if some people would call.. that's what I do with them.

Like Syu said, "Matrix friends are the best and more nicer than university's friends".
I cant deny it. She's 100% right. I still cannot find these kinda of friends at mmu. No offence to my friends at mmu but with these friends I feel relieve, I can talk whatever I want with them and laugh till my stomach hurts. Seriously, thanks girls.. you made one of my best days ;)

p/s : to the other girls yg x datang, Amal, Tuyah, Seha and others.. next time kteorg wat lagi ok.
Nk gk gosip ngn korang cm kte slalu wat dlu..hahaha! The guys, I dont know.. nnt la kteorg watkn 1 prac pny reunion kn.. haha!