Why do people gossip?

July 14, 2009


Ever thought about why people do it? Why people love it? Yup.. especially the girls.
I've gossip before. Most people had done it. But it's not my routine activity. I usually do not sit in a crowd. I rather sit alone. Then, this thing will happen and it'll always be. There would be this bunch of girls sitting around a table. Then, A would start it.. "Tahu tak semalam kn..girl tu kan.. bla..bla..bla.." A few minutes later, the others would eventually said something like this.. " haah la.. i pun taw this story" or maybe like this " oh yeke.. cpt la!! pe jd lps tu ek?" ( dgn nada cam minah kepoh kn).. And they sit there for hours.

For me, maybe there are few reasons why people love gossips.

1) They dont have much to do.
>>> This type of people, when they dont have much to do they tend to struck with boredom.. so, just let's say are well verse with others' life since they like to "observe" what other people do. They have some sort of self satisfaction when they gossip. wth??? *sigh*

2) Insecurity
>>> This one.. the most common reason I can say. Jeolousy, low self-esteem and sometimes having what-I-have-now-is-not-enough attitude. The common attitudes among girls. I'm a girl too u know. But I have to admit.. these are the attitudes sometimes girls don't have a long period friendship. Even, among the bestfriends, they can be bitching about their own friend. Haih!! :(

3) Attitude problem
>>> Ever heard old habits hard to die. Yup.. this is the one. This type of people.. a piece of advice to you. Get yourself a life. A positive one ok :)

p/s : I try not to gossip. Even I'm not in favour for that particular person. I feel good because I know she's not worth it. haha!! Xde mase aku nk pk psl ko ;p

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