July 02, 2009

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I had this lack of idea thing going on. At home now. Home.. that means kat Klang. I would not be attending classes until next Monday. I'm not feeling well since last Monday but just this morning my dad fetched me from Cyber. He would not even let me drive back own my own as usual. Actually, that'll be my mum la yg convinced kn die not to let me. Well.. that's how mum is kan?? hee.

I had this fever, flu, sorethroat etc.. my temperature move up and down. Like my housemate said.. jgn 1 umah kene kuarantin sbb ko da.. siot je ko kn Abby..haha. The first thing I did when I reached Klang is went to the clinic. The doctor suspected it was Dengue Fever. How can it be?? I had flu. Based on my experience, flu is not one of dengue fever symptoms. (I experienced it TWICE). I imagined that needle yg gune for amek darah, masuk air lagi.. ish.. x larat ok!! Then, checked a few times again.. the doctor said, I'm off to go. Just a normal fever. But still, have to do the blood test if the fever come back again tonight. But, I've got free holidays..hee!!

I HATE TO BE SICK!!!!!!!!!

Another issue.. this thing brought disgrace to my campus's name. I want to post it yesterday but too tired. CLICK.

Btw, to ease up my boringness staying at home.. I play around with my blog's background. Hey, I've changed it AGAIN!! haha

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