July 30, 2009

Last weekend I watched this movie with my friends (later update about them) hee

Not the best movie ever. But it has an interesting plot. To simplify it all, just let's say that it is mainly about an obsessed woman named Lisa. She obsessed with a married man and her obsession lastly caused herself her life. It's worth watching when you are planning to stay awake. And those having trouble to sleep or maybe you have nightmares problems.. don't attempt. For kids : It's 18SX and 18PA I guess.

But, ever you guys experienced any psycho problems before? Ever been stalked? Or maybe your partner's ex trying to be nice to you in order want to get closer to your partner again? It is all obsessions. And these people exist for real. My experience is not that bad. And it happened a long time ago. At the starting point, I received a free Rm5o topup from an annonomous. To return it I dont know to whom. Then, there is a message from this unknown person saying that "she" is my old friend. I asked her name but then she kept changing the subject. After a few messages, I think this "she' is actually a guy. I started to ignore him. The next day, I started to received disturbing phone calls from private number. It continued for weeks. Scared of it, I had to changed my phone number for god's sake. But that's the best way. Until now, sometimes I wonder how this psycho even got my number. *sigh*

p/s : Be careful. There is so many dangerous things outside this little world.

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