July 06, 2009

I'm fully recovered. Thanx to those who kept asking whether I already got better or not. Really appreciated your concerns ok ;)

Last Sunday, before my family sent me to Cyber, they fetched my sis first at UKM KL. Just to see how's she doing on her orientation week. Then we went to Bangsar Village to celebrate her 19th birthday. I'm too tired to type actually. So let the pics do the talking...hehe

At Marco's ;)
The pizzas+pastas there are superb. Seriously!!

Above are two of my orders

Say cheeeseeee!!

That hand of birthday girl

lasagne.. ayah's order

So.. the aftermath face of mine....

Kenyang sgt.. tu yg gigit straw je 2.. hee!!

p/s : It's my 100th post already.. hehe

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