Lots of Things to Get Done

July 22, 2009

Ok. Lame sangat dah tak update. Busy sgt2!! Nak balik umah pn x le tiap2 minggu da.

The last class is on Friday which usually ends at 630 pm. By the time, I reached Klang it's almost 8p.m. So, to avoid being too tired I decide to go back once in every 2 or 3 weeks. Tiap2 minggu memang tak larat. Skt pinggang dok lame2 drive. hee ;D

These are upcoming things :

International Accounting Mid (checked)

Critique Essay Adv English assignment

Accounting Info System 2 mid

Marketing mid

Business plan assignment

Corporate Accounting assignment

Btw, I met my schoolmate here in MMU cyber yesterday. Sorry to u.. kite memang kalau org jauh2 x nmpk sgt. Hee! Next time, if jumpe lagi for sure i'll acknowledge u first. ;)

Gotta go people. I've got works to do. toodles!!

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