I wish I was it

July 09, 2009

I suppose to be sleeping. My watch showed 1.12 am. I guess when you're too tired then sleeping is not your main thing. Or maybe because I just have 1 tutorial tomorrow which btw starts at 3 PM wahaha ;D

I rarely update my blog nowadays. Just dont have the ideas what to post. But leaving my blog unupdated would be boring. Let's talk about something simple. No lengthy post ok I promise. Ever promise to be something else???? Sometimes too tired of our own routine life rite.

Well say hello to RIFEBULB!!

I know it's not real. No one owns a cub of dragon. The reason I choose it to be my pet.. he's cute..hehe. And different from normal pet. I want something different. I want to be different from every1 else. I want to live in virtual reality. No pressure, tension bla bla bla. Living in my own dreamland. See rifebulb's tagline.. "EAT.. NAP..LAUGH..PLAY".. That's why I wish I was it. So relax..hehe. Yup.. I've created him of course. I dont have any real pet. So virtual pet would make my day. hee!

Btw, I named him rifebulb because let's see this way rife + bulb.. rife when u rearrange it would become fire. Well dragon has fire right in the mouth according from the legend. Then the bulb.. because that word sounds cute and suit my dragon.. hehe

Seriously, I need to post soomething beneficial for others next time.

Nite readers ;)

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