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July 30, 2009

Lately, all the papers got headings about that popular flu; H1N1. Takut la gak sbb benda ni bring death kn. And yup, I had flu for these past 2 days. To make it worse, I had exams. And luckily, I just stay put and managed to do it.. quite well kot. Even, this flu is dangerous why do people keep ignoring the precautions steps; like wearing the mask. I took the ERL last week and I can count on how many people who are actually using it. Aren't you afraid that you gonna get infected, people?

Another thing, I know going to class is important, but when you are sick please stop going for a while. You have mc right? So, what the purpose you datang kls and jangkitkn ur penyakit kat org laen. I demam teruk gak and it's been 3 days I missed the classes. Now, I'm currently at home resting. Luckily, it's already MMU's mid term break.

Here is one forward msg from my friend which I received last night:

heran..bila selsema burung..bunuh ayam beribu2, tapi bila H1N1 tak bunuh pulak BABI..nyawa apa lebih penting? manusia atau BABI..??

Weird plus funny for the last part of the sentence. betol gak kan.. heboh sangat nk buka pusat ternak babi.. sampai syg sgt ke nk bunuh babi2 tu. Dah mmg sampai at this point where many had died because of this flu, people should reconsinder to eat that thing or not. If no demand then no market.. no any weird diseases spread by this filthy pig!!

p/s : Even it is dangerous to everyone, it even dangerous for people with critical disease. So do yourself and others a favor; go do a check up. Dont play I'm-a-doctor by comparing yourself symptoms with the symptoms you've read on the internet.

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