Are U This Type of Friend?

July 15, 2009

I'm feeling artistic today. As my drawing sucks so just let the PC do my ideas. See below :

Well.. is not really a drawing actually. More like doodles.. hee!! Well, that's not what I want to share with you guys. The message behind the pic above.

Firstly, u're in a new place with no friends at all. The next step, approach someone with sweet innocent look and smile. Then, u keep on talking about each other details. As time goes by, both of u entitled as BFF. Well, after quite some time, one of u would want to befriend with others. The reasons.. for socializing improvement, get bored with hanging out with the same old person and etc. Next thing u knew, a friend of yours already in a clique. Then u'll be left alone. What they usually called " a loner".

Ever did this thing before??

What can I say.. nothing lasts forever and so do friendship.
Friends come and go. That's true.
That's part of growing up and I'll accept it.
I am who I am and no one can change it ;)

p/s : The doodles is not related to any friend I knew.

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