Summer is the Best Season???

June 18, 2009

Ever think what is your fav season? Despite we live in Malaysia which is already known that it is NOT a four seasons country, I guess every1 have their fav.
Mine would be.. The pic speak it out for me :) I love summer. Even in Malaysia during this time it means that the temperature would make u sweat like pigs. It somehow gives me the tranquility. U can do outdoors thingy and don't be lazy by sleeping all day. Haha! Or the simple reason is that I don't like heavy rains with lightning and all. I'm scared of lightning.

But speaking of hot weather, there's something that makes me feel "hot" in the inside. Literally, I'm pissed. Not that it's anyone's fault but more like some miscommunication and misunderstanding. Here's the thing. I received an offer letter of my sponsorship for my degree on the week of my final exam last 4 weeks. So, in the letter it stated that I supposed to send all the agreements plus documents 4 weeks after the date of the offer letter. By today, only two days left. So, I asked the admission, they said not sure about it. I went to the sponsorship place, they said must sent all those things through university. And the distance between that place and my campus is not near. I have to skip my advanced english class just to go there. And, by this evening.. at the buletin board posted.. " all the sponsorship agreement must be submitted at admission building latest by 22nd June". Haih!!!

We usually refer that when dealing with people, the government servant have the "attitude". Like not being polite when answering any enquiry from the public. But by today's incident, I experienced this attitude from the private workers. So??? Is this a common thing nowadays. Where are your manners people? ;)

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