A Story of a Girl

June 02, 2009

Once upon a time, there is this girl. I thought she could be my friend. A good friend. But totally my first judgment on her is wrong. Totally strayed away from the right track.

I thought everyone is like me. Go to campus with only one aim. To be more knowledgeable n to become a better person. How naive I can be at that time. Not everyone is like me. In fact I hardly had the chance to befriend with people just like me. Some may find me cold. Other call me quiet. But the good thing is I don't pretend. The person you look outside, it's how I am on the inside. But there is this one particular girl, called me backstabber.

Here, is the reply 4 your post.

To that girl, you like it or not, you may be a whole new person at your new place. But for me or specifically us, the people who already knew your true nature, would not fall on your pretending nature. You mad at us for telling your mum u don't go to class? Well your mum is the one to called us and asked. Fyi, at that time we have other important things to do rather than involve with your "laziness" life. You mad at us because I tell ur mum that u brought your BF into OUR room? Well, you're not the only one who have the mad feeling. I may lived in a city, but that doesn't mean I accepted all this "open-minded" thing.

The things you've done, seriously troubled us as your roommates. Luckily you went out of the campus and we no longer need to see your face. You dont know how happy we are on that day.

But, now you're using your blog to attack us again?? That is so immature. I never want to bother your life, so why do u mess with mine? I'm giving u a warning here. All this while, I may seem to be the quiet one and the nice one. But do not cross my limit, I can be not so nice anymore. Bare in your mind this quote


p/s : Sorry to my readers. This post is full of anger.

There is part 2 of the story. Click!! ( my other good friend's blog a.k.a my other ex roommate)

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