Thursday, June 11, 2009


Nightmares after nightmares especially in this week. I kept thinking how bad my result could be. I have the habit to imagine to the extent it would be in the worst scenario. Well, in dreams I got unstable results. It kept changing.. some night it would be I've got good result and some would be the other way round.

Finally, today is the result day for MMU students!! From morning I took my own sweet time to be relax. Not really has the eagerness to check my result. Then by 1500 i decided to check. The courage came when I thought somehow I would have to know it whether it's bad or not. I log in a few times but the server is down. Org da ready die plak wat hal. After a few trials, I've logged in, then clicked..clicked..clicked.. there's my result. I passed all 6 subjects with my pointer still maintain. There's a slight drop but I'm gonna cover that next semester. Im still above 3.5 and that's a relief. Alhamdullilah ;)

I have this feeling I'm gonna fail 2 papers but that's not happening. And that's a rellief too.. hehe
But, I've got this particular dream where in it I've got the result like the one I'm actual getting. If I just believe the dream my anxiety would have not been so crucial. But, as everyone said.. a dream is just a dream. What a relief it do come true.

p/s : My mum confused herself gpa and cgpa. I nearly got scolded.. haha!


sabrina halim said...

what's d difference? i pn xtau. hahaha. thank god u passed all d papers

Aiza Aidid said...

tah la.. hhahaha ;p
yup.. happy ni.. hehe =))

Aiza Aidid said...

owh.. br i taw u x phm what's different? hehe

gpa- ur current pointer 4 dat sem
cgpa - ur cumulative points.. yg ni lg pntg.. ;)

hanida lavida said...

congrats! ;)

Aiza Aidid said...

hehe.. thanks!! ;D

hanida lavida said...

awk amek subjek ape eh?
kite ingt nak add lagi 1.
cket sgt 4 subjek nih.

Aiza Aidid said...

2 la kn.. lg pon long sem.. le tmbh lg kot..

erm, ais2, marktng, adv eng, international accounting, busins law, knowledge economics