Friday, June 05, 2009

Nice, Good, Exciting

It's only a week since my semester break started. But I already full of boredom. The same routine each day. Remember I want to watch Angels and Demons? I went to the cinemas twice in a week but I don't get to watch it. The first time I went I ended up watching Wolverine. The reason, my dad take a longer time than he usually did to finish his lunch. By the time we arrived there, the show had started about 40 mins. *Sigh*

The second time, the reason I ended up not watching the movie is just because the line is too long. I am not in the mood to queue up for a long time just passed it. *Cringed my teeth at that time* Haha! Instead, I grabbed a lunch and started to spend money given by my mum on clothes. ;)
I bought a few clothes n will be back to the mall next week to buy more. Cm byk sgt je dwet aku ni..hehe

About the movie, even I already read the book in the last 3 years, I still want to watch it. Currently, I'm downloading the movie and of course the net connection is as slow as ever. But I'll wait patiently.

Nice weather
Good music
Exciting stories

That would be a nice sums up for my semester break *grinning*


platipus said...

ehem kite da abeh bace sume buku twilight hahaha
baru bape minggu cuti da abeh bace
bile da abeh bace da taktau mende lagi nak buat hahaha
i bukan macam u yang suke tido wahahahah

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. kte tgh bc new moon je ni..
cti i 2 mggu je ek.. so kne la cpt2 bc..hahaha
eyh, skng da kurg tdo ek amal..hahaha ;D

sabrina halim said...

put kuat tdo? hahaha. kantoi!

Aiza Aidid said...

ala sab.. u cm xtaw je ek..
i kn sleeping beauty..hehehe

sabrina halim said...

kahkah. smala kt ber2

Aiza Aidid said...

eyh, xdela.. sleeping beauty 2 i sorg.. kwn2 i ms mtrx pggl cm2..hehe